About Doula Services

****  Nicole is only taking 3 doula clients a year.   For Doula services with more availability, please consult with Tunisia Macklin of Peaceful Birthing Doula services. http://www.peacefulbirthingdoula.com/home.html

Nicole is taking clients for the months of February, April, and October

 Nicole is only offering Doula services in 1-year packages.  Nicole will support your family for an entire year. 

These packages will include typical birth doula services and:

-- 2  (60 min) Therapy sessions a month with Nicole (can choose between in-home, in-office, or virtual)

-- Private childbirth education class

-- Once a week Postpartum Coaching sessions after the birth

-- Private family prep class both Nicole and Marcus

-- Partner coaching once a month with Marcus

-- Unlimited email/phone support 

$11,000 one time payment ( Payment plans available at $950 a month.  Please contact for other arrangements)


The Doula Care you will receive before, during, and after birth will be customized to your personal needs. Nicole's main goal is that you feel heard, supported and confident in your decisions during your childbirth journey. The Thriving with Baby difference is that Marcus is also available for partner support before and after birth, at no additional cost. Also, we provide you with an evidence-based childbirth education class that will prepare you not only for childbirth but also for the birth of your new family.   That way the partner is also able to receive customized support to help them prepare for the new addition to the family.



Nicole's background in social work helps her in her ability to walk with families through any emotional barriers that could hinder the family from experiencing the best birth possible. Please know that Nicole does not replace the role of partners/family members, her goal is to help create a strong support team. That strong support team includes the care providers, i.e nurses, midwives, and doctors.  Birthing families deserve to feel protected, loved and heard.  Thriving with baby works hard to create that safe environment. 



Nicole always has her oil diffuser and essential oils with her if you would like to have aromatherapy during labor. 


Nicole has experience with the following type of birthing experiences:


  • Plus size mothers

  • Births with multiple interventions

  • Epidural

  • Non-medicated

  • Cesarean 

  • Teen mothers

  • History of trauma

  • VBAC