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Thriving with Baby was birthed from our trials and triumphs in the birthing process and first few years of parenthood. We knew of some of the birth statistics for women of color, but naively assumed that our education would exempt us. After going through a long intervention filled labor where Nicole felt her voice was not adequately heard, she ended up delivering via C-Section. Then we realized that all of our planning had been around the birth and somewhat superficial decisions, such as cloth diapering and baby wearing, but not around how our family structure and values were going to change. Our families were as supportive as they could be, but we wanted and needed a different type of support. Thus the birth of Thriving with Baby!

Thriving With Baby is dedicated to providing professional, unbiased support and evidence-based Information to equip families with the tools they need to Thrive- One Birth, One Class, One Conversation at a time.  We want to create a community of non-judgemental support where families can come and receive information on how to create their own path in parenthood. We tackle issues ranging from cloth diapering to supporting a depressed partner.



Nicole has supported mothers, particularly young mothers, in a variety of capacities since 2006. She has been trained in Postpartum doula work through ProDoula since March of 2014, for Birth doula work through DONA since December of 2014 and trained as a Childbirth educator through Lamaze since March 2018. From her own experience, Nicole understands how to support women who are considered high risk, plus size, and who have birthed via c-section. Nicole has her Masters of Social Work and has worked in nonprofit, hospital, and school settings. She is also a transformation life coach and licensed clinical Social Worker trained in perinatal mental health.  

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Nicole is passionate about empowering families through birth work. She is constantly researching best practices in doula work to ensure she is delivering the best services to the families that have invited her into their lives. 


Marcus has been an advocate for social justice issues relating to the health disparities and the well-being of underserved populations. His experience as a father, along with his research, has led him to become passionate about supporting families, especially fathers as they start their journey through fatherhood. He currently has his Masters of Public Health and has worked in nonprofit, tech and school settings.  


Marcus is passionate about not only supporting families but also compiling more research on best practices to help get families through the birthing process. 

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