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About Childbirth Education Classes

Do you want to have a birth that is as unmedicated and uninterrupted as possible? Do you want to be prepared with the evidence on how to do that?  If you answered yes, keep reading. 


According to the Gottman Institute in 2011, 67% of couples stated they were very unhappy with their relationship after having a baby. A 2011 informal survey conducted by the blog "Working Moms Break stated, that 88% of working parents suffer from stress-related health problems. Let’s change that alarming statistic together by focusing on PREVENTION verses REACTION. Thriving WIth Baby will help you with the birthing of your family before, during, and after the baby is born. 


The Thriving with Baby childbirth education class is a comprehensive class that will not only prepare you to birth your baby but to also birth your new family. Unlike most other childbirth education classes, Thriving with baby's classes include special break out sessions where partners are able to process their thoughts separately.  We have found that allows the partner to freely ask questions or express fears without the worry of upsetting their partner.  The series will be held for 6 weeks but we will hold special one-day events to cater to families with limited time. 


Some of the topics that the 6-week series will cover are:

  • The pregnant body                     

  • Fears of Parenthood 

  • Nutrition                                     

  • The Type of Parent you Want to be

  • Stages of Labor                       

  • Family Mission Statement

  • Comfort measures                     

  • Signs and symptoms of depression & anxiety

  • Medical interventions                

  • Support each other during low times




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