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Are you finally ready to release the stories that have been hindering your peace, your financial growth, your relationships, and your self esteem? What if I told that 4 days in person with me could help you save time in that release process?  

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Embracing the Joy of Self Retreat: 4 days to Rest, Renewal, and Clarity
Sept. 29-Oct 2 2022
Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Release Overwhelm

  • Create a Life Narrative Map to uncover limiting stories.

  • Overcome loneliness 

  • Build your Aligned Peace Action Plan

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Day 1 

Growth Mindset & Intention Setting

Arrive between 12-2 pm. We will identify any mental resistance that may have appeared prior to arrival. Discuss appropriate reframing. Have a beautiful plated welcome dinner. Then set our intentions for our time together during our evening fireside chat

Day 3

Prioritizing Peace & Joy

Today we will have our Sedona excursion. This day we will ground ourselves with nature. There will be a lot of emotions the first 2 days. So this will be our day to use nature to help us process and ground ourselves in the new narratives we create for ourselves. 

Day 2

Reconnect with Body & Mind

This day we will be digging into our Life Narrative Map. There will be a lot of emotions this day, so we will have time for in house massages and time to just lounge in the pool. And to explore Scottsdale independently. 

Day 4

Making it Real with Action

Today we create our Aligned Peace Action Plans. We will discuss how to take real action during our everyday lives to help maintain the mindset/narrative rewiring we did during the retreat.  We will discuss our checkpoints and how to support each other. Check out by 5pm

Who Are We

Who is Nicole Woodcox Bolden?
I am fun-loving, sunset chaser, believer that kindness and love can prevail in this world. 😊  Some hats I wear: mother to 2 young girls, Wife of 10 years, and worked in social services domestically and internationally for 15 years. Some of my therapeutic specializations include high functioning anxiety, trauma processing, and perinatal mental health. Reducing overwhelm, thriving in life outside of the labels that society puts on us, and helping people feel safe in their bodies are a few of my superpowers that I offer the world.  I'm am really a chill person, so if you have questions just email me at

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Pictures of the retreat house

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