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Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching with Nicole & Marcus

Who can benefit the most from pregnancy & postpartum coaching?

  • 1st-time parents

  • Families adding a second or third child into their family

  • Families that have experienced a loss

  • Families that experienced fertility complications​

  • Basically any family that wants some extra support

What is Pregnancy & Postpartum coaching with Nicole Like?


Pregnancy and Postpartum coaching are similar to having a doula and a life coach combined. The coaching addresses more of the work of becoming a new family, finding your voice in the pregnancy journey, having someone to process the fears associated with birth, someone to keep you accountable with nutrition, self-care, and general family wellbeing.  Coaching services are from 3 months to one year.  Nicole will be that stable non-judgemental support through all of the transitions associated with pregnancy and postpartum.  Gifts are available to add to your baby shower registry.  Coaching services can be delivered anywhere in the world.  

Call 312-779-0730 to schedule a free consultation call to see if we are a good fit and what type of services could benefit you and your family. 



Nicole is a licensed social worker with 12 years of experience, as well as, a certified Life Coach.  Nicole is passionate about equipping families with the knowledge and bringing out their inner confidence.  Pregnancy is a start to the next evolution of yourself, so don't make that journey alone.  Nicole will be a consistent voice for your family during the pregnancy and postpartum adjustment period.  Nicole utilizes evidence-based methods to ensure families have clear, realistic visions and action plans for their new family.




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