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Nicole did an amazing job with me during my labor! It was my first time doing natural birth and I was very nervous and scared but she helped me a lot by providing aromatherapy and a very effective hip massage once the contractions got more intense. I would highly recommend her services as she is a great doula and has a wonderfully soothing personality to compliment the position she has. Thank you Nicole!!!  -Moel

Nicole was my first experience with a doula. I wanted a Natural birth and knew the best way to go that course was to have labor support. When I met Nicole I felt very comfortable with her and reassured by her experience that I would be in good hands. She was able to answer my questions and assure me I'd get through it. In the weeks leading up to the birth she checked on me frequently and advised she could meet me at any time during the birth. She was on call for me. I was 11 days late when my water broke. My midwife advised me to wait 12 hours before coming to the hospital if I did not go into labor naturally. I didn't go into labor at home in those 12 hours so I had Nicole meet me at the Hospital for an induction. Nicole met me at the hospital with her infuser and as I received the pitocin she began to massage my feet and help me to relax. In the subsequent hours the pitocin induced contractions were very close together, one after another, and things seemed to go slow. She helped advocate on my Husband and I's behalf to dial down the pitocin and "give me a break" from the back to back contractions, which did give me some temporary relief. I was without an epidural and experiencing, truly, the worst pain in my life. Nicole and my Husband took turns for about 10 hours rubbing my back and hips, performing hip compressions, and putting me into different and more comfortable positions. She talked me down from more than one near panic attack as I struggled to keep it together without pain medication. Just when I thought I couldn't go epidural free any longer, the midwife checked my dilation and I was at 9 CM. Twenty minutes later, I began to push. I was so exhuasted from the pain I endured over the last 10 hours, I didn't know how I could push out this baby. But Nicole cheered me on and assured me that the baby was almost here. An hour of pushing and he came, 8.6 lbs of perfection. Thanks Nicole, we did it!  -Alma 

As a first time mum, I was filled with a lot of anxiety and I had so many questions. I had heard and read different birth stories and experiences but I still felt very unprepared and somewhat afraid. I was therefore excited at the opportunity to have a doula guide me through the process. The first time I met Nicole, I immediately knew she was the perfect choice for me. She was genuinely caring, kind hearted and very patient. She answered all my questions and addressed my concerns with her reassuring smile and was always available any time I needed her. During the delivery, Nicole was very professional but also added a personal touch to make me feel more at home and well relaxed. I had an amazing natural birth experience which I attribute to God and the great job Nicole did. Post-delivery, Nicole remained a very strong pillar of support to me and my family. I look forward to working with her in the future and I strongly recommend her to all my friends and colleagues. - Marian

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