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Meet your guide:
Nicole Woodcox Bolden LCSW

Nicole is a chaos tamer who is a lover of actually living a life that makes your soul jump.  A life where you are able to model your values to your kids instead of just trying to teach them through words.  Nicole is a clinical social worker, transformation coach, birth & postpartum doula, and childbirth educator.  She is also a person who has lived through a variety of seasons, some that even made her question if life was worth living.  So she supports you not only through her 15+ years of experience working in social services but also life experience.  She has experienced the loss of a parent, perinatal loss, higher education stressors, living abroad as a peace corp volunteer, relationship stress/abuse, and so many other types of seasons that have helped Nicole develop the perspective on life that she has today. Nicole is married and has two children that she loves to take on all sorts of adventures because she is determined to thrive in the dash that is life. 

Your Calm Journey

At the start:


  • Find your baseline. You will complete assessments. Identify what is working and not working in your current season. 

  • Create the vision of your ideal day, week, month, quarter. and year.  

  • 2 hour vision call. During this call we will discuss your baseline and a plan to start to move in the direction of your vision. We will discuss potential barriers and how to set you up for success during your 6 week intensive. 

First 2 weeks

  • You will have 2 workbook/journals and unlimited Slack support to help guide you through the Choice & Awareness curriculum.

  • Choice- we will evaluate your relationship with making choices. Do you feel like you are always being forced to make a choice that you don't want to make? We are going to explore your default survival response ( Fight,Flight, Freeze, Fawn).

  • Awareness- What are the"shoulds"/ unconscious contracts that are guiding you?

  • Don't worry the flow of these weeks will be customized to your schedule. You will not be overwhelmed. 

Deep Dive Day

  • Week 3, we will have a 4-5hr Deep Dive Day.  This day can be in person or virtual.

  • We will dive into what thoughts, Aha moments, frustrations, etc that showed up during the first 2 weeks.

  • Discuss Loving yourself where you are.

  • Map out your customized CALM wellness strategy for your specific needs and vision.

  • Create a 2 week implementation support plan to ensure your success.  

The Success Check in

  • After 2 weeks of implementing your CALM Wellness Strategy, we will have a 2 hour success check in call. In this call, we will go over what went well and what didn't go as well.

  • Discuss adjustments to the wellness plan and more tools to overcome barriers.

Who is this intensive for?

First things first, although this intensive will be therapeutic, it is not therapy.  Meaning you already have the basic motivation to take action and follow through for at least a few weeks.

  • This is for the working mom that has the awareness that something is out of alignment and needs a little support with picking up the paint brush for her life again. 

  • This is for the mother who knows she is a woman outside of the labels that society tries to put on her. 

  • This is for the mother who is feeling a little crispy from burnout patterns.

  • This is for the mother that wants to be a living role model for her children. 

Paints and Brush

The flow of this intensive is:

What's Included

  • Unlimited Slack support for 6 weeks ($500 value)

  • Client portal that will allow you lifetime access to videos and workbooks. ($500 value)

  • 8-10 hours of live one on one support ($2500 value)

  • Lunch on deep dive day ($50 value)

  • Customized Calm Wellness strategy and the tools to implement consistently ($1000 value)

  • The mental capacity to parent and work in way that allows you to be fully present for yourself and your family. (Priceless)



Total Value $4,500

Your Investment: $2,500

Payment plans available through Afterpay, Split it, and PayPal

If you are ready to:

  • Redefine what work-life balance means for you

  • Release perfectionism

  • Be more present with your family & self

  • Release overwhelm and burnout 

Book a time on my calendar so we can see if this intensive is a good fit for you. 

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