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Restore Trust In Yourself

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

“And maybe I had been so busy looking for the pieces- I never noticed I was already together”- Cleo Wade

How many times have you said or heard someone else say, “when I get myself together….”? I think I say that at least once a week. What does that even mean? After reading the above passage from Cleo Wade’s Heart Talk book and Liz Bohannon’s Beginner’s Pluck book, I started to really question that statement. If you think about it, that statement is the perfect self- sabotaging statement. It is a signal to your mind that you are lacking in some area, that you are not whole.

So, I took a lesson from Liz’s book and started to use my internal journalist to be on assignment in my life. Instead of looking for clues for what’s missing, I started looking around and taking inventory on what I already had. I started asking myself, what is going right instead of what is going wrong. I started to trust myself again. To trust that I do know what I need to have a good day, that I can love all of my current self, that I am loved wholly as I am today. Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Before I used to look at this quote as a reminder to not beat myself up for any past mistakes and that we are always learning, but today it hits me a little differently. It reminds me that growth and evolution of self doesn’t me that the past versions were broken. All the pieces of ourselves are already here. As we live life, we just gain more wisdom on how to look at and use the various pieces of our lives, but those pieces are already in us!

Today remember you do have it all together already. Maybe you just need a little assistance in seeing it and that’s okay. I am not saying don't continue to grow or believe in excellence, just don't feel like you have to put your life on hold until you evolve into a higher version of you. Take action today. You got this! You can start living the life of your dreams today. You can be the parent you want to be today. You can get back up and live life one more day. You are enough today.

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