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3 Reasons Most Self Care Plans Don't Last

Every year you make goals to take better care of yourself, but for some reason they never last past March. Life starts to present you with choices that seem to not allow time for self-care. Today I would like to get a little real with you because I don’t want you going into another year setting yourself up for another year of the same ole excuses. Here’s three reasons why you can’t stick with a self-care plan

1. You are Living for Tomorrow.

You are missing out on opportunities to take care of yourself today because you constantly tell yourself that you will take a break WHEN….

When you get that job..

When your kids are older..

When you finish school..

When you make more money..

When you quit your job..

When, When, When…

You are stuck in this endless cycle of determining when you will finally deserve to take a break.

2. You think people are MINDREADERS. So, you are amazing and is always doing stuff for everyone else, without them asking you to. Therefore, it should be a given that they would return the favor, RIGHT?! WRONG. When you do things for others they will assume that you are just being genuinely nice and helpful. You cannot assume that people know how to help you or that you even need help. Sadly, most people who are doer or helpers tend to throw off a vibe that they can handle it all and never need help. Many times, these doers/helpers even say “oh I’m fine” when in reality they are sinking. Then people get used to that answer and they stop asking to help. Or you many have the idea that if someone loves you they would just know that you need help, because it is so obvious.

3. Fear. You may not want to admit this one but you are afraid. You fear that if you take a day off of work, your boss may realize that the office can survive without you and it may ruin your career. You fear that if you say “No”, people will not like you or won’t invite you out again. You fear that if you ask for help, you may be seen as weak. You fear that if you take a break, people would question your worthiness. Because deep down, you even question yourself as to why you deserve a break.

No matter how many self-care plans you create or accountability partners you have, it will be hard to develop a long-lasting mindset of self-care if you do not address these underlying issues. Meaning if you keep thinking time, money or technique are the only reasons stopping you from taking care of yourself, you are going to be stuck in a cycle of good tries but no cigar.

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About Me: I’m Nicole, a Wife, Mom, Social worker, Doula, and success cheerleader for all. I am a recovering people pleaser who has experienced burnout and depression. I have fortunately been able to receive the support needed to realize that happiness is not something that others can give you. I invite you to join me on a journey of playing all out in this game called life.

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